Jennifer Heins, Craig Lordan and the IBM ID team have contributed an extended version of Steve Castledine's XPages Wiki to OpenNTF - XPages Documentation Wiki. This extended version is (almost) the version that is used for the IBM product documentation Wikis, e.g. the Wiki about XPages development.

Download the XPages Documentation Wiki.

There is a long list of new features which you can read about in the introduction document. One of the most visible new features is the four columns welcome text area on the home page:

A picture named M2

More documentation about the XPages Documentation Wiki is located in an instance of this Wiki template.

Jennifer describes briefly the new documentation wiki and it's relation to the core XPages Wiki:

<< The XPages Documentation Wiki was created for the community to contribute articles and for a writing team to publish documentation. The XPages Documentation Wiki is based on the XPages Wiki template available on OpenNTF and it has been expanded to add more features, many of which to support publishing documentation. The future of these two templates is being discussed but for now both templates will be available on OpenNTF. >>

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