The Dojo Foundation is working on some significant extensions for mobile apps. For example as the roadmap shows some of the nice UI controls from the Wink Toolkit will be merged into the Dojo Toolkit.

Some first parts are in Dojo 1.6.0 which seems to be released now. You can download the src version of Dojo 1.6.0 which contains several unit tests (in dojo/dojox/mobile).

I spent some time yesterday to play around with the new splitter control and it's easy to use in combination with the view and document controls from the OpenNTF project.

I've created a simple app with a navigator in the left column and view in the right column (as in most Notes applications). From the view you can open the documents in the same place using transitions.

Watch this short video or check out the screenshots.

A picture named M2

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