Just in time for Connect 2013, IBM has published a new version of the popular XPages Documentation Wiki which is the template used for several IBM Collaboration Solutions Wikis. The new version has a lot of new functionality and a new look and feel. Read the documentation for a complete list of new features. Below is a summary from Michael Stewart:

The IBM Collaboration Solutions development team has been working on an update to the XPages Documentation Wiki template. The XPages Documentation Wiki is a Notes and browser application that lets a product technical writing team publish documentation and a user community contribute articles. The XPages Documentation Wiki template is based on the XPages Wiki template available on OpenNTF. This release of the template includes extensive improvements, including:

- Dramatic user interface re-design to improve usability
- Improved content type architecture for more intuitive navigation
- Re-designed search experience
- Improved web editing experience
- Improved social and subscription features

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