By checking this project, and reviewing all the information (documents and tutorials) we have prepared, you will be able to learn how to integrate an IBM Domino web app, with IBM Watson services, in this case we will teach you how to connect your applications with the IBM Watson Personality Insights, but you will also learn how to integrate your web apps with twitter and other IBM Watson services.

To help you achieve a complete experience installing this application, we have prepared a step by step tutorial but we have divided the whole process in 6 parts, we have recorded a tutorial video to guide through every step of the process, and you can find all the required files in the downloads section.

Part 1 - Virtual Machine Preparation & Operating System Installation and Configuration

Part 2 - IBM Domino Pre-installation process

Part 3 - IBM Domino Installation

Part 4 - IBM Domino Configuration

Part 5 - Application Setup

Part 6 - Application explanation

Working web application using this integration

If you would like to know more about a real web application using this integration with IBM Watson services, please check this website crm Xpress. If you would like to try our CRM application for free, or have any doubt or question about this post, please feel free to contact me at any time at


Information contained in the following is presented as is. This tutorial assumes you have basic Lotus Notes Configuration knowledge.